ITIYA is an ethical brand based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Inspired by our love for nature we create sustainable bags & accessories combining existing and new materials.


The use of upcycled leather makes each ITIYA item completely unique and creates an alternative to mass produced bags. It all started in 2013 where Nganzo and Pauline started to make bags and sold them in their store in the centre of Utrecht. In the beginning they mainly used old jeans and banners.

Then, intrigued by the possibilities of surplus leather (scraps) and vintage leather (used leather) they discovered that they could make beautiful, comfortable bags and accessories with upcycled leather.

Since June 1st 2020 ITIYA only functions as an online store and focuses on its own production. 


We like to look at "old" materials in a creative way. That's why we use a combination of existing and new materials to make our products. That means there is always a recycled part. Often the whole bag, clutch or wallet is made of recycled leather, sometimes a part and sometimes the inner pocket. We also use other existing materials such as jeans. Our style is a mix of minimalism and creativity. We love simple lines and a functional design.

Every ITIYA item is handmade in our atelier in Utrecht.

A part of our new collection you can find in 'Winkel vol winkeltjes' (Amsterdamsestraatweg 271) in Utrecht. Last items of our old collection you can find on (-50% sale)